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The London Cycle Network + (LCN+) is a "reconceptualisation" and slimmed down version of the original LCN, which was found to be of "variable quality", in other words much of it was frankly rubbish. Drawn up in 2002-4, it is due to be 500 miles (900km) long on completion in 2009, a quarter the length of the original LCN. It is supposed to offer world class conditions on strategic routes that make cycling "comfortable, fast and safe".

New cycle lane is parked in

This cycle lane on Ludgate Hill, installed in October 2006 during resurfacing works, is one of the few measures the City has managed to put in for the LCN+. As there are no loading restrictions on this busy road, it is parked in even during rush hour: we think it's better to have no lane at all than one in which cyclists have to slalom round obstructions. There was no formal consultation though we did raise the issue as part of the CRISP process.

How are LCN+ routes worked out?

A key part of the change from LCN to LCN+ is the use of Cycle Route Inspection Meeting ('CRIM') bringing together engineers, cycle campaigners and other representatives such as from bus companies followed by a Cycle Route Implementation and Stakeholder Plan ('CRISP'). Each section in each local authority area has a "link number": these are for internal use only and will not be put on signs. Whether the network will actually be numbered like the LCN is depends on a decision by the Cycling Centre for Excellence who have been considering the issue for over two years now...

Unfortunately reports referred to below are very large files (at least 15 Mb each) and so cannot be made available on this site. You can request copies under the Freedom of Information Act from the Corporation, contact details on the lobbying page. We are pushing for the CRISPs to be made available online from the Corporation's site.

Our generic response to CRISP consultation

Farringdon St - Blackfriars Bridge (A201): Link 32 (TfL)

CRIM: December 2004

Draft CRISP: April 2005

Final: September 2005

Comments: the final report still failed to include key concerns and proposals we had raised. Despite chasing up, we are yet to see a resolution as different parts of TfL blame each other. In late 2007, almost nothing had been changed on this route apart from Blackfriars Bridge

Our comments.

Fleet St - Cannon St (at Queen St jcn) : Link 33

CRIM: Summer 2005

CRISP: September 2006

Comments: we made complaints about key recommendations being watered down. The City asked the consultants to redo parts of the CRISP as it was so poor, failing to understand let alone record key concerns and proposals. Then there was a dispute when the consultants asked for significantly more money as a result of the extra work. Money was authorised for spending on measures on this route before the report had been finalised to make it look as if something good for cycling was being done.

The only good thing so far to come about is the proposal to remove the Mansion House gyratory, work is programmed to be complete by summer 2008 but has already faced delays. The proposals to improve Fleet Street have been put on ice due to a lack of staff time.

Our original comments

Queen Victoria Street - Aldgate: Link 34

CRIM: September 2007

CRISP: end of 2007

Comments: a 'safety scheme' has been authorised for Bank junction separate to this CRISP, it turns out that only some exceedingly minor changes to road markings are proposed. Worse still there is no budget for removal of the western half of the Aldgate gyratory as the tower block which was due to be built there has been downsized so no developer cash is available and TfL is not willing to pick up the tab.

Bishopsgate - London Bridge (A10): Link 35 (TfL)

CRIM: November 2005

Draft CRISP: January 2006. Our comments

Final CRISP: August 2006 (still with lots of mistakes)

Comments: Camden Consultancy Service (CCS) failed to write down most of the information in the report so TfL asked them to redo it. We gather TfL North Central will not be using again due to their poor standards and have agreed an addendum process for the errors in the report. We hope to have a tudy of the A10 north of this section. South of it Borough High St is being studied in October 2006. These are TfL roads and off the LCN+ but see high cycle flows. By end of 2007, there had been some minor changes but nothing significant done yet.

Southwark Bridge - Moorgate: Link 36

CRIM: April 2006

CRISP: October 2006

Unlike the other CRISPs this one is running relatively smoothly. Unfortunately though the City is ignoring the CRISP process indeed cyclists needs entirely on sections of the route where they are doing street scene schemes (Queen and King Streets), which is most of it.

Victoria Embankment (A2311): Link 37 (TfL)

CRIM: October 2006 (including CRISP for Westminster section of Embankment).

CRISP: Spring 2007

Comments: The quality of this report was very poor.

Lord Rogers is designing a Linear Garden scheme for Embankment as part of the 100 Public Spaces proposal due for completion by 2010 but this is really unlikely. We want to improve conditions between Blackfriars Interchange and Queen St Place in the underpass and tunnel.

Holborn Circus - Spitalfields: Links 38 and 39

CRIM: November 2006

CRISP: Spring 2007

Our comments to the Corporation and consultants in 2004. About £3,000 was spent on works at the start of 2005, much more on consultants. Needless to say our comments were ignored and now the City wants to do a formal CRISP process to improve the route.

Mansion House (Tube) - Tower Hill/Aldgate: Link 280

CRIM: February 2006.

CRISP: Spring 2007

Camden Consultancy Services (CCS) took over two months to forward a note of the CRIM and by that time had forgotten most of what was said. A new consultant has been used and LCN+ (part of CCS) has apparently now recommended that the City no longer use CCS as consultants.

The proposals for a two-way cycle track along the Tower Gyratory were at one point due to go in the same time that congestion charging started, the latest version of the long delayed proposals can be seen here

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