Choosing the Right Glasses for Racing

Wearing glasses can make one to look really cool. Sometimes people can think that is the only work that they do. In biking, however, the need and use of glasses go beyond aesthetics to offering ideal solutions that make the racing experience more enduring and enjoyable. Here are some of the functions of glasses for a biker.

  • They protect the racer’s eyes from harsh sunlight. Built with sun protection, one can be sure of the safety of one of their most important assets: their eyes.
  • They protect from the stones apparently thrown by the bicycle tires. Not every road or track is perfect. Some paths used have chipped stones possibly from spoilt terrains. Even when the road looks perfect, it is always better to be protected.
  • They protect from flying bugs. Nothing slows one down like an insect that has suddenly landed in the eyes, and one is forced to rub their eyes severally or have it blown out. Such inconveniences can be damaging when the race is at its peak and the cheering squad at its highest. Having just a pair of glasses will help avoid these victory spoilers.

These glasses are specially designed to deliver safety and comfort, and as such, one is never worried whether they will still see the road clearly or not, or whether the glasses will fall when they are much needed. Here are what to look out for when buying glasses for your bicycle race.

  • Go for glasses with the frames made from polycarbonate plastic. Aside from being strong and lightweight, they are made into shapes that help the glasses rest securely on the face.
  • Choose large glasses with curved lenses and which have UVA as well as UVB protection
  • Ensure the lenses are resistance to shutter, so they can stay intact when you are suddenly bombarded with an object in the course of racing.
  • Ensure the glasses securely fit on your face.

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