Identifying the Right Bicycle

In cycle racing, getting the right bicycle is as much important as the skills gained by the cyclist. With the right bicycle, one can easily go through steeps and bumps and still be ahead of the pack. However, as much skill and training as one have undergone, if they lack the right bicycle, they will often find themselves working much harder than the rest and in the end, lose energy, slow down and fail to win or even be near the finish line.

Bicycles are designed differently for the different races. For instance, there are unique and different features that one will find on a road racing bicycle, mountain bikes and on track racing bicycles. Bicycles for road racing are designed to help in achieving speed. Their frames are extremely light and are made from carbon fibre, aluminium or steel. The light-weight ensures that the racer does not spend their energy on moving the weight, but that every effort translates into a higher speed. They also have drop handles. This makes them easy to hold direction. Furthermore, they have multiple gears. This is expected as road races are comprises of going through varying terrains, requiring adjustments in the bike’s capabilities.

The uniqueness of road racing bikes can only be contrasted with that of time trial bikes. These bikes change the cyclist’s position with the rider’s arms resting on the handles as this position makes them less resistant to the opposite flow of air past the rider, thus increasing their speed.

This positioning is traded with the weight, as they have the tendency of being heavier than the road racing bikes. Nevertheless, even with increased-weight, the aerodynamic nature that is achieved through positioning enables the cyclist to normally ride much faster than cyclists on road bikes. Further more, the back disk has a streamlined addition which enables the riders to achieve the needed margins, which help them to succeed in their racing.

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