Preparing for the Win

Anyone can dream of winning a world title in racing. Dreaming is free. However, it takes a true champion to wake up from the slumber and work towards achieving that dream. It takes training to gain bike handling skills, tactical know how, and great endurance. Going through the endless sessions of training is not just about making your muscles stronger, but overcoming obstacles and winning a race is often in the mind.

The winners have shown that it was not their strong muscles, but their ability to see beyond and to focus their minds on achieving the very best. However, just having a vision and focusing may not guarantee you a title. Below are ways by which one can better their training, exercises, and focus on that coveted title:

  • Let the training help in identifying advantage points. Winning means giving your very best in what you are best in. While some people are overly athletic and can cycle for long hours and as such, are suitable for ultra-endurance races, some may have the ability to achieve very high speeds but within a short term. This is something that one can almost identify in the first few weeks of training by noting how their bodies release energy.
  • Choose the bicycle that gives you the greatest comfort. While remaining within the specifications for each of the races, choosing comfort always gives the brain the space to focus on what is more important, the race itself.
  • The bicycle used for practice should be the same one that is used for competitions. Unlike vehicles, bicycles are always modified while in use. This means that based on the training and the cycling skills acquired, the bicycle used for training is easy to manoeuvre.

Advance your training beyond what is expected at the tournaments. Breaking records involves going the extra mile.

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