Tips for Winning a Bicycle Race

Presently, bicycle races are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Cyclists and fans come out in huge numbers to either participate or cheer their favourite cyclists. To win bicycle races, it takes more than just speeding and understanding winning techniques. Whether you are a cycling pro or racing for the first time, cycling races are inevitably daunting. Therefore, racers have to train well to have a memorable riding experience. Highlighted below are some winning tips for cycling races.

Group Riding

Racers should get accustomed to group training. Cycling with other cyclists in a packed group helps to emulate the same situation in bicycle races. Therefore, a cyclist should find a cycling club that has several members cycling together and try to move at high speed similar to racing speed.

Familiarise Yourself With the Course

In most races, the organisers share routes with cyclists in advance. Therefore, take time before the race to inspect the course. You should memorise black spots and other dangerous points on the route. Moreover, you should understand where you have to speed and all the climbing points where you will slow down. If the course is hilly, you have to train in climbing. It is also critical to note the length of the climbing distance.

Pack Your Gear

You should pack everything you need the day before your race. With an idea of the expected weather, you will understand what you need during the race. Besides, you can look at the Ralph Smyth website to learn more about the gear you need. Some of the things you should pack include a bib, shorts, a helmet, shoes, cycling jacket, gloves, among other essential items.

Inspect Your Bike

It is critical to inspect and test your bike. Ensure every part is inspected and is in the right mechanical condition. Inspection should be done a day before the competition. Some of the parts you must check include the following:

  • Brakes.
  • Chain.
  • Drivetrain.
  • Tyres.